Noorsazan Design Operations

Photo of Noorsazan Niavaran Store: A snapshot of the exterior of Noorsazan Industrial Complex's Niavaran store, the largest chandelier, lighting, and decoration manufacturer in Iran.


Faced with the challenge of modernizing Noorsazan’s 30-year-old design operations to meet the digital age demands.


The goal was to create an in-house design studio for high-quality content creation.


The solution entailed establishing an interdisciplinary studio proficient in photography, videography, and cross-channel design, significantly elevating the brand’s digital presence.


Set up the in-house design studio, integrating photography, videography, and cross channel design.

A photograph capturing the transformation at Noorsazan VIP Lighting, showcasing their commitment to modernization. The image highlights the newly established in-house design studio, a pivotal step in meeting the digital age demands.