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The challenge was addressing the emotional regulation needs of neurodivergent individuals, understanding their unique struggles and enhancing their well-being.


Our goal was to create a seamlessly integrated iWatch app specifically designed to assist neurodivergent individuals in tracking and regulating their emotional well-being.


The solution involved leveraging innovative strategies within the app, incorporating daily routine development, self-care practices, and visualization techniques to empower users in their emotional regulation journey.

Collaboration: Ahmad Mirjani

Naming emotions is the first step to reclaiming control













Let inMood Be Your Emotional Guide


Using Emotion Regulation iWatch App

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Personalized Emotional Tracking

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Seamless Apple Health Integration

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Inclusive Accessibility Features

Rather than avoiding, acknowledge and name your emotions

Recognizing and understanding emotions fosters self-awareness and diminishes their power, offering a path to release discomfort and pain.

1-hour View

Instantly captures and visualizes emotions, offering immediate self-awareness.

12-hour View

Expands insights, aiding in recognizing patterns and triggers for emotional understanding.

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Acknowledge emotion as meaningful signals and practice self-compassion

Investigate without pressure, seeking resolution. Identify and address emotional triggers to alter responses, always recognizing the power of choice in your reactions.

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Condenses emotional range into expressive emojis, providing a quick, easy-to-understand snapshot of feelings

Represents emotional tones, simplifying identification and understanding

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Disrupt negative patterns by understanding the thought-emotion-behavior connection

Reflect on specific thought triggers, challenging emotions, and coping mechanisms. Assess the effectiveness of your strategies in providing both immediate and lasting relief.


Curates playlists or suggests tracks matching users’ emotional tones, offering a personalized music experience aligned with their current emotional state







Neurodivergent individuals face unique challenges in managing their emotional well-being, often encountering difficulties with emotional regulation that lead to heightened stress, anxiety, and challenges in navigating daily life.

  • Existing mental health apps lack dedicated features for neurodivergent users.
  • Limited integration with wearable devices, missing out on the real-time data tracking potential of smartwatches.
  • Few apps prioritize inclusive design and accessibility features for a diverse user base.
  • Neurodivergent individuals express frustration with the current state of mental health apps, citing the lack of features catering to their emotional regulation needs.
  • Desire for a user-friendly app with personalized tools and a supportive community.
  • Smartwatch integration is viewed as an opportunity for real-time tracking and immediate intervention.
  • Expressing emotions is challenging.
  • Struggle with maintaining daily routines.
  • Need support in managing stress and anxiety.
  • Want a sense of belonging and community.
  • I wish there was a way to understand my emotions.
  • Structured routines might help in managing my day.
  • Exercise could positively impact my emotional state.
  • A supportive community can provide understanding.
  • Logs moods but struggles to identify patterns.
  • Attempts to establish routines but faces challenges.
  • Explores self-help methods for stress management.
  • Seeks connections in various online communities.
  • Frustration with emotional regulation difficulties.
  • Overwhelmed by daily challenges.
  • Desire for a sense of control and stability.
  • Longing for understanding and acceptance.
  • Personalized Emotional Tracking
    • Diverse range of emotions for users to express nuanced feelings.
    • Visual representation of emotional patterns for deeper self-awareness.
  • Tailored Daily Routines
    • Personalized routines based on individual preferences and goals.
    • Timely reminders for structured activities promoting emotional stability.
  • Smartwatch Integration
    • Real-time tracking of emotional states through iWatch sensors.
    • Customizable watch faces displaying mood data for mindfulness.
  • Community Support
    • In-app community for neurodivergent individuals to connect and share experiences.
    • Supportive features fostering a sense of belonging and encouragement.

Let inMood Be Your Emotional Guide

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